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About Calming Cure Massages

Each session is carefully customized to fit the individual needs of every client. With each session, you will receive a customized massage including various types of bodywork and/or postural education to enhance your well-being.

A postural and/or gait evaluation will be performed prior to each session, enabling the most appropriate manual techniques to be applied, contributing to your needs and desired goals. If the need is to simply enjoy the benefits of a Swedish relaxation massage, a shortened evaluation will be considered.

Core and stabilization excercises will be recommended with the aid of a balance ball and body-weight exercises. No free weights or machines will be required through this recommendation.

Each massage therapy session consists of 10 minutes of client evaluation and therapist consultation before the hands-on massage, and 10 minutes of client re-evaluation and therapist consultation after the hands-on massage. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. (Note - The Evaluation is included in the massage service as free of charge, but please arrive early to avoid decreasing your hands-on massage time.)

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Here is a list of various techniques that may be incorporated into your customized massage session:

  • Deep-tissue massage uses slow strokes and deeper pressure to access the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and connective tissue. May cause soreness that last a few days. Not recommended for first-time clients.
  • Connective tissue (aka Myofascial Release) massage is slow, persistent pressure and movement to help the body release the connective tissue while eliminating restrictions and adhesions.
  • Trigger point is a tender spot within a muscle and often produces a predicable pain referral pattern. Communication between the client and the therapist is necessary when applying specific pressure to trigger points since these points can send referred pain to other areas of the body which may cause some discomfort. Trigger points can be caused from muscle overuse, injury, poor posture, or emotional stress.
  • Hydrotherapy is heat that is used to increase the flexibility of the connective tissue and may be used before applying various techniques.
  • Cryotherapy is cold that is used to reduce the inflammatory response and may be used after connective tissue therapies.
  • Smooth, heated basalt stones are placed on key points on the body, allowing for a deeper relaxation of the muscles. Cool stones may be used alternatively with hot stones.
  • Remedial exercise uses active and passive range of motion, joint mobilization and stretching to increase the range of motion in areas that currently have less than normal movement, with gentle stretches to the individual joints. Loosening up the structure that causes the restriction can often relieve pain and release tension.
  • Orthopedic testing is an orthopedic test that can assist in assessing the client's condition.
  • Postural assessment analyzes any imbalances in posture when comparing various structures from head to toe.
  • Gait assessment analyzes any imbalances in how you walk.

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